Saturday, December 5, 2015


This year a very sweet girl I know has donned a black  holiday hat that proclaims in bold white letters "Ba-Humbug".  This sweet young woman is struggling I believe with the part of the holidays that troubles me the most. 
 Her struggles are real, I know because I have them almost every year and it caused me to ponder for several days.  The last thing I want is this young woman I watched grow from just 4-years old into a blossoming college freshman to have is a spirit of bah-humbug because it doesn't get easier.  She has such a sweet spirit and it really has bothered me that she is struggling this year. So to Sweet Shyann I dedicate this thought and hope to you . I pray it helps to "De-Bug" this Christmas.
I love you kid, keep your eyes on the Savior. 

Mr. Scrooge sat, his potato a lump in his gut,
 and found himself again, in a holiday rut. 

Bah-Humbug indeed
he grumbled this Christmas Eve.  

Everyone is shopping, wrapping gifts tied with string. 
All the final holiday parties in full swing. 

Mr. Scrooge sat that lump in his gut and a cool-hearted thought. 
What if I fell asleep and never woke up. 

Who would know, or even care 
if I, Eb Scrooge was not even here. 

He reached down his hand and gave his belly a rub. 
Off to bed he went with humpf and a thud. 

He sat on the corner of his four-post bed, 
and wondered what life would be like if he were dead. 

His eyes soon burned calling for sleep, 
pulling up his covers he began to weep. 

I am alone, completely so, 
and I did it myself he whispered his woe.

Heart heavy and filled with despair
as his loneliness grew deeper each year. 

A single star hovered over his home, 
a silent reminder that you're never alone. 

His dreams soon turned to the stories of his youth,
the story of a child that is God's perfect proof.

Proof of a love for the one's He holds dear, 
The promise of a child that would forever be revered. 

No ghost of past, present and to be 
came to Mr Scrooge on that cold Christmas Eve.

The thing that was troubling our friend Scrooge that night,  
that made him feel alone and not quite right. 

It was not the packages tied with pretty string,
 even the parties or the Christmas carolings.

The thing that pierced his lonely heart
is he had missed the most important part. 

 Christmas Eve is a time to celebrate not what one longs to receive
 but the gift that was given by God that first Christmas Eve. 

A gift of a babe shivering and cold,
 in a manager he lay just hours old. 

His mother knew the truth of this gift
That soon all sin of mankind,He would lift.

Our friend Scrooge woke and from his window he did see,
 a star, a reminder to him and to me. 

This holiday season if you wish to de-bug, 
If you want to avoid the  holiday crud

Close your eyes to all the human greed,
 look to the Savior He has all you need.  

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